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Kimbearly's Originals
Kimbearly's Originals


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Amanda (SOLD)

5" Amanda OOAK


Bella Bunny OOAK

(SOLD) Mink Bunny One Of A Kind


Joey (SOLD)

14 inches (35.5 centimeters)

Meet Joey. How do you spell Sweet! He is just wonderful. We have been bonding. He has such personality. Standing 14" inches tall and fully jointed. Filled with polly, pellets and a little bit of steel shot. Gives him that extra sweet hugable feel. Joey has enamel eyes that have been hand painted. His face took forever to needle sculpt. But I just love the way he turned out. Joey has leather pawpads and is made from soft imported acrylic. Joey will be signed on the Kimbearly leather tag. He is a OOAK One Of A Kind. 27 Years Of Award Winning Artistry.


Lily #1/#1

12" Mink Teddy Bear OOAK One of a Kind


Lizzy (SOLD)

OOAK One Of A Kind Mohair Teddy Bear With Hand Made Sparkling Eyes.


Miniature Teddy Bear

OOAK One Of a Kind Miniature Teddy Bear



5" Mitsey Mink Fur Teddy Bear (reycled)


Truffles (SOLD)

Meet Truffles. She stands 5" inches tall. This is the best bear that I think I have ever made. She is double jointed. Truffles comes alive right in your hand. She is so very soft. Made from real tipped Mink fur from Paris. (Chanel) I just think she is the sweetest. I hope you do too! Truffles has leather pads and has been entirely hand sewn. She is lined inside too! Will last for years. She is filled with steel shot- giving her that special lug nut feel. I honestly just love her. I love all the bears but sometimes there is one that will hit that special place in your heart and she is it..... OOAK One of A Kind. The last two pictures are of Twlight (Sold) and Truffles. I rarely make this size. It actually takes twice as long. Go figure that one.....I think it is all the detail.... Truffles will be signed on the Kimbearly leather tag. 27 Years Of Award Winning Artistry.


Twilight (SOLD)

This is one of the most beautiful Mink Teddy Bears I have created. She is super sweet. She is just wonderful. Standing 7" inches tall and made from the richest mink fur. (recycled-from jacket) German glass eyes and leather pads. Hand stitched embroidered nose. Filled with polly-pellets. Kid leather - so soft foot pads. Completely all hand sewn. Will be signed on the Kimbearly leather tag. 27 Years of Award Winning Artistry.


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Layaway available now available on
Kimbearlys Originals
Bears and other OOAK's (one of a kinds)

***LAYAWAY ***

1/3 payment  down, (at time of order) 1/3 - 30 days after, and the final third, 30 additional days after that. This can be adjusted if needed. If you'd like to use this option, please email me.

*Please note that Layaway deposits and paid installments are not refundable.* Returns are not accepted on a layaway purchase If layaway terms are agreed upon, you may have Layaway on Kimbearlys Bears.
Charles .........695.00
Kimbearlys Originals

30 Years Of Award Winning Artistry

"VIOLET"..... Beautiful rare color.  Standing 12" inches in height and fully jointed.  She also has a neck mechanism.  You will be able to pose her.  She is beautiful.  Her face is so sweet.  Violet has a hand embroidered nose with a beautiful smile.  The color is rare. Such a beautiful color. "Violet".  She is made from Angora Rabbit. (always recycled fur-giving life back and never taking it)  Violet is a OOAK One Of A Kind.  I am sure I will never find this color again.  She is more beautiful in person. Photos do not do justice for her.  She is lined- hand sewn and then sewn and scissor sculpted. Many hours go into the making of each and every bear. After 30 years of making teddy bears I can say that I love it just as much as I did the very first day.  I hope you like Violet. I usually do not make this size.  Rare bear. Color and height.  She is a beauty from the inside out.  Guaranteed to put a smile on your face each and  every day. 

"Violet" is a OOAK One of a Kind and will ship as soon as she is paid for. Same day. 

"VIOLET"  is also on Ebay... Click here to see more photos...
Kimbearlys Originals

30 Years Of Award Winning Artistry

"Emma"..... She is stunning.    She is just beautiful and has a lot of soul. One of those beautiful bears that is just more beautiful in person......  Standing 5" inches in height and fully jointed.  She is 100% all hand sewn and lined.

Sure to last furever.

She has the most amazing sweet little face & soul.   OOAK ONE OF A KIND.   She has a hand embroidered nose, glass eyes and is meticulously scissor sculpted to perfection. Many hours are spent clipping each and every hair.  I spend hours just on the clipping.   "Emma" is sure to capture your heart. I know that she has mine.  I so love when they turn out this cute.   Her little feet are all hand done in leather with little toes. Her fur is recycled from a jacket. Giving life back- Never taking it. A great way to use the jackets that sit in closets. I use only the finest sable mink. Made to last.     I hope you like her too and maybe even decide to add her to your collection. She has leather paw pads that are hand done with roses that are also hand made.  100% made by Kimbearly.

"Emma" is a OOAK One of a Kind- will be signed on the leather Kimbearly tag and ship as soon as she is paid for. Same day. 
Emma Is Available Today....          395.00